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Cine Film to DVD service offer


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As I expect most of you know I transfer all types of video and most types of cine film to DVD

Following a terminal mishap with the telecine machine that was used to deal with standard 8 film, I bit the bullet and got a specialist in the States to build a complete new system to handle standard and super 8 film. That arrived recently and after setting it up I ran the first film through it. The results were superb, as they should be considering the cost of the new machine!

Now I need to earn a living and pay for this new equipment, so I would like to offer my services to the membership on here.

I already look after 2 labs on here and would like to add to the list!

Please email me for a price list, I will offer a trade discount of 30% off my already low prices (I'm arguably about the cheapest in the UK) plus of course return postage of your choice (RMSD is preferred) In addition if you give me your shop details, address, phone number, opening hours and also let me have a photo of your shop I will add you to my website as an 'agent' which may drum up additional income for us.

I can handle standard and super 8 and super 8 with sound (at extra cost). I do not do 16 or 9.5 mm (virtually no demand) I add background music (no charge, and I do have the copyright holders permission). If you want me to do a 'slide' at the end to publicise you then tell me what you want, likewise if you want me to design a DVD box cover let me know. A one time nominal charge will be made for this.

If you want to start a discussion then please start a new topic in the general section.

Many thanks to Neil for letting me add this as a 'sticky'

Here is a link to my website which includes prices etc. Don't forget that I will give you a 30% discount off these prices.


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