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We are doing more books than we ever have. There was a queue yesterday waiting to order them on the kodak kiosks. Probably helped by the fact we are on radio saying that you can order up till Dec 24 to have your book for xmas.

Also lots of canvas, mouse mats, mugs and other gift lines.

Looks like being a really great December

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most instant Photo book makers wrap a print which is used for the book cover, we only supply 2 different types of printer whihc print the pages, these pages can then be inserted into different hard book covers, thus making a hard backed photo book.

The units we have will produce the book pages in 8x6,8x8, 8x10 or 8x12, so quite a versitile products which gives retailers great oppertunities to sell books in many different areas.

What are the experiances of others here ?



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I am not sure that cobbling together is the correct phraze, however i understand your point, but on the flip side a stand a lone device which will work with a PC, kiosk or dry lab has to be a winner as it does not lock your operation and to provides a choice to the retailer and public of covers and sizes, this must be an advantage to any business !

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We recently bought a used HP RPS system from a friend that closed his shop.  

Love the flexibility of the Kiosks, CD/DVD burner/printer and photobook covers.  

Hate the color laser printer - though do like the fact that the system will automatically print calendars/photobooks when ordered without user intervention.

We discarded the HP color laser printer and picked up a used Mid-level press printer.  Bit more work to print, but image quality is MUCH better, with a wider range of medias.

We only have Version 4.??, a newer Version 5.?? is available though.

Can't say how much we (and our customers) really like the kiosks, compared to our old Noritsu CS-SL, it rocks.

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Closed today for the xmas break, and at the end of trading we have done 86 photobooks in the last 3 weeks.

It has been brilliant.

All on the Kodak DL2100 on US letter size paper, and using the Channelbind system. Customers loved them even though I'm not 100% sure on the quality, but then again, what do I know!

we are currently trying to source channelbind (or similar) US letter size folders in portrait orientation so we can have a product with some differentiation from other stores.

The Kodak software will handle it - we just need the binders.

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Wow Mr Noritsu - those are impressive numbers. How are you achieving these - instore or online - or both? Would love to see some pictures of your shop and can you post your website so we can see how you are marketing so successfully.

I think with some inspiration and ideas we could achieve similar if you could share please  :)

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