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Kodachrome processing

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Really, from my understanding, anyone that runs a B&W line with an adjustable developer time should be able to do it.

Kodachrome doesn't have any incorporated dyes, but it does have remjet to remove, just like ECN-2 film.

So it'd be fine on dip&dunk processors (still have to manually remove dye - so don't dry it post process), or any processor that wouldn't agitate off the rem-jet and contaminate the chemistry.

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Nice response from XX, Its great to see someone with such good knowledge of the whole process.

And good on you Mark for pointing out the lack of feedback from the poster, one of the things I hate! As far as i can see,once you have a full circle from a question though a numbers of answers and then some feedback from the initial poster, well than that will work!

In the end, if that process holds true, all we would have to do is put a question into the search function and find the answer straight away!

Now a question for you all, someone asked me how much extra SM chemistry is over RA chemistry? Does anybody have an idea? Is it 30% extra, More than that? Less?

Anybody with a dry lab need not apply.

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