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Not good for Photo Printing

Mark Amies

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1. Ring the cinema to find out times -all the time, like in the car

4. Dial directory enquiries - people with "stupid" phones do this almost daily

5. Use public phones - not since 2010 they've disappeared just about everywhere but NYC, which, frankly, creates a danger to the public in case of having a dead cell.

6. Book tickets over the phone - what kind of tickets?  Reservations at restaurants all the timme though.

7. Print photos -every day

8. Put an ad in the shop window -my shop or another shop???

12. Buy disposable cameras - once in a while

13. Take change for pay phones - used to take between $1 and 2, until they were exterminated

#.? VHS - noot in a while, ut have plenty of times had to surf through TiVO trying to thin it out for a new program.  Still haven't figured out how to dump TiVo to tape.  Also, compression on TiVo actually makes VHS look *good* with some of the stations. . .

14. Make mix tapes - not in ages, but what about mix CDs?  Still plenty of places without an iPod smartphone jack. . .

15. Pay bills at the post office - my business is mostly mail-order, so quite often checks and money orders accompany return parcels.

16. Use an address book

17. Check a map for a car journey

19. Visit a bank or building society

20. Buy TV listings - In American English this means?  Advertising on TV the same thing?

21. Own an encyclopaedia - Does Encarta '95 for the Macintosh count?  That was my last purchase and it was a CD

22. Queue for car tax at the post office In American Englsh?

23. Develop and send off for photos All the time, even with my own lab operation :-)

24. Read the Yellow Pages -Yesterday

26. Remember phone numbers or have a phone book -All the time, yes, an Excel Spreadsheet :-)  Have lost too many phone listings to get burned again. . .

27. Watch videos - have 1,000s of VHSs.  Honestly, DVD is just as bad.  Can't believe DVDs are still bought.  Shouldn't everyone have Bluray or the online ripoff equivalent?

28. Have pen friends - does this palace count?  :-)  Honestly we do 100x more of it across the globe all the time with internet fora such as this.

29. Use a phone directory - How is this different than a phone book?

30. Use pagers - Not sinc ethe early 2000s but they're still made.  ANd, technically, whenever you leave your number on a cell phone it IS a page.

31. Fax things - Yesterday, all the time, much more effective than e-mail or phone.

32. Buy CDs or have a CD collection -  What about a vinyl collection?  :-)  Only every got around to buying 6 CDs, but have 1200s of photo related ones.

33. Pay by cheque - all the time.  Has this method of payment been banned in the UK?  Still quite alive and well here, although obviously electronic payment has taken a huge bite out of it.

34. Make photo albums - Every Goddamn Day (quoting "Patton")

35. Watch programmes at the time they are shown - same answer

36. Dial 1471 - 411?  911?  Two peoples separated by a common language. . . .

37. Warm hot drinks on the stove -not without disaster

38. Try on lots of shoes in shops - what has replaced this?  Don't tell me more than a few idiots enjoy the hassles of shipping online-=bought shoes back and forth 5 or 6 times until the size is right.

39. Hand wash clothes - women still do this when the labels on some of their crazier outfits say so.

40. Advertise in trading papers = newspaper ad?

43. Buy flowers from a florist - see reasoning behind #39 :-)

44. Work out how to spell something yourself -does guessing until the little red marching ants go away count?  :-)

45. Keep a personal diary - see #28 :-D

46. Send postcards - only on vacation

47. Buy newspapers - 7 days/wk - without newwspapers Yahoo! news will turn into a sea of blog articles.  To a certain extent, it already has. . .

48. Hang washing out in winter - really this died out two generations ago.

49. Keep printed bills or statements - yes always.  When in doubt, print it out.

50. Go to car boot sales - translation?

With thanks to my British neighbors for linguistic help, I shall endeavor to finish blasting this poll.  I have a felling, getting back to my quip about newspapers keeping actual journalism alive, was this written by a 25 year-old blogger from her iPhone 4?

Read more: http://www.metro.co.uk/tech/884188-from-sending-a-fax-to-paying-by-cheque-50-daily-tasks-now-extinct#ixzz1gT8B7x9E

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I don';t have Compact Discs with music, save 6 ,- I have boxes and boxes of records though.

I have *hundreds (typo sorry) of CDs full of scanned JPEGs

Pen "friending" (here pen palling) has been very much kept alive on places like this.  Instead of waiting a week or a month to hear back from someone, we can communicate at the speed of light with people around the world, on places like this.

If you're in the UK, I'd appreciate if you could "translate" the points that confused me.  There are a lot of differences in regional dialects of English. . .

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20. TV listings. Basically a what's on TV Guide in paper form.

22. A tax disk is an expensive piece of paper that we have to have displayed on our vehicles to drive on the public road. Also known as a road fund licence.

33 Yes cheques still exist here, but they are talking of scrapping them.

36 1471 tells you the last telephone number that called you on a landline.

40 pretty much yes.

50 Car boot sales (car trunk in your language!) are a kind of market where people sell off there unwanted household items. Kind of a physical Ebay!

Personally I think 25% of the article is utter rubbish!

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