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Kodak D4000


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Kodak D4000 Duiplex printer

2 x ribbons loaded at the same time one for the front one for the back. 1 x roll of paper loaded both sides are printed independently giving a true full bleed Duplex with exeptional quality in satin finish.

Output sizes





Pages can be inserted into photo book covers of choice, i use the Unibind covers which are avaialble in 8x6, 8x8 and 8x12

D4000 can be driven from Kodak Kiosk, Kodak Apex and PC

Hope this helps, for any other infomation please call Tetenal ask for Chris C

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D4000 printer can now been seen at Tetenal UK for anyone who wants details.

The system now works with PC, Kodak Kiosk, Apex and can be networked via the existing Apex network.

PC will produce both simplex and Duplex prints as well as 4 x 8 double sided prints which will also fold very neatly.

Create at home software is also avaialble to allow creation of photo books at home, saved to USB then brought to store for fulfiment.

More as we get it !


Chris C

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