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Christmas Inspiration


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What's everyone doing different this Christmas? Any thoughts on which will be our hero products this silly season? We're just putting our orders in to suppliers for delivery early December but thought we might wait and see if there is anything new and exciting we might be missing out on?

Keen to hear what others are doing to make this one better than the last  ;)

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Doing lots of canvas earlier than in past years. Going back to basics with print and frame deals which is working well.

On the retail side Picture Pockets selling well. So are the instant photo gifts and Kenro frames. Going to stock up on 'stuff' in December. The more we have the more we seem to sell (just hoping this year is the same  ;) )

Good feeling around here that it will be a good Christmas if we work it hard.

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I'm interested in these covers too. Are they easy to make and how did you promote them to get such a good response in that short time. We struggle to get such a quick up-take with promotions - even when the product is really unique.

Also, how are you printing your photo books Mr Noritsu? We are looking at different systems and tried the Kodak/OKI printer recently but it didn't quite give the result we wanted. Keen to see what others are using.

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The I phone covers we are getting from our Kodak paper supplier! www.apspl.com.au - they are great guys to deal with, and forward thinking.

Promo has been word of mouth, facebook and twitter - nothing more!

We looked at the kodak system, and have put in the Oki/Dl2100. Whilst I, and the staff may not think it is brilliant, the customers do not care and love it.

I think sometimes we as retailers get hung up on the technicalities and complications, and we forget that our customers want the emotion and the memories.

we have a high end photobook solution if needed through  a local pro lab, but the price goes from $39.95 up to $199+, and our customers are more than happy with the $39.95 option.

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