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Photo Book machines from China


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I need opinion for this Photo Book machine from China: ST-6 (or ST-6s, I do not know what is the difference)?

But also I need general opinion about systems like this which are coming from China, built quality, realability...


, same machine (actually this is ST-6s I think?), different angle:


, again same machine (ST-6):


Video from Brazilian made machine, (I did not find Chinese video on YouTube), but as I can tell it is the same machine:


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Have been involved with some of the kit like these ( BUT NOT THESE)

They all work in a similar way, Most would not pass general safety rules for Interlocks, safety covers ect. No guards on guillotines would be an instant fail, having a button left and right that the operator has to press before using the foot pedal etc. The one I was involved with had to be inspected and modifications made before it could be sold in Europe. Other than that it was well made.

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