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GroupOn deal websites - worthwhile?


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We had the rep in from a Group On type website the other day trying to get us involved. I wasn't too sure if it was worthwhile but she showed us some good results from other shops in our town like hairdressers, etc. Not sure how it would work for us (we're not big) - but did think we could do maybe photo gifts or perhaps scanning. Has anyone had any success with this (it's all a bit new to us  :-/ )

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The video transfer Groupon offer is a great idea as it's a service that you can do on downtime which incurs no extra cost and it has the bonus of getting a customer started, at which point he may pay full price to convert the rest of his film.

Photo Gifting has enough margin in it that you could possibly offer it without losing your shirt although that type of offer may get you more of the one time super discount shopper than the repeat customer you want.

Another good idea is for Studio sessions at reduced price, after which you're free to pitch them various print products from their session. Again you're offering your time for future business.

When coming up with a group deal offer, always try to figure the offer as the bait to get them hooked on something else. If you're just offering a discount on a commodity product, then yeah you're getting your name out but are you getting it out with the right people or with the cheap bastards?

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