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looking for advice on frame types...


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Now bear with me on this.....

I work alone, so have no input from colleagues. I want to put together a promotion for framed enlargements for the run up to Christmas.

Being a mere male I always seem to get it wrong with frame stocks. What I like seems to unimpress the customers! I have only a small display area so I need to stock frames that will sell fast- not clutter the place up. I want to push 16x12, 20x16 and possibly 20x30 prints (all in inches as photography should be  ;D)

So, in these sizes what type of mouldings do you find sell well? I buy from Swains, and as they can't be bothered with sending round reps unless you spend eleventeen million pounds a day with them I don't have any feedback - SWAINS- ARE YOU HEARING ME !!-  :(

Don't say look on their website please- I know what they stock- but what actually sells out of your shop?

What type of wood? Or Do people prefer glass, metal, acrylic etc? I've seen some nice 'floating' type acrylic frames in their catalogue, anyone stock these? Do they sell or just get dusty? Width of Moulding? With a border or full frame?

All input welcome ! - help me put together a Christmas promotion  :)



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The frame business is not easy! In the frame size that you are talking about, it all moved away from wood and towards black five or more years ago and then white came into the mix!

At present there is a move back to various wooden hues and the odd silver and gold molding are popular.

If I measure what we sell right now in the sizes that you describe I would sell 15% white, 50% black, 25% wood and 10% other.

Most frames are sold with mats incorporated and that gives you a bigger and more expensive sale. Mostly white mats.

In smaller sizes it is different and I'm only talking about my customers in my area and the other side of the world from you guys.

An ever increasing business because of the ever reducing competition.

Anyway my two bobs worth.

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Swains Richmond frame sells for us, we stock Black (most popular) Oak (second) and Walnut (least).

Kenro frames are very nice, good quality but these cost more, we stock some but the volume sales are with the Richmond at the size you talk about.

Reckon if you start with a black frame that would be the safest bet, think we have 4 or 5 different style of black.

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