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I got a text from orange asking me to download the vouchercloud app. Intrigued, I googled it. Looks quite interesting using GPS and smart phone technology to market your promotions to anyone in your locality who has this app on their phone. As far as I can make out it's free for me to use this to promote my business.

Has anyone on here used this, either as a consumer or business? If so what do you think?

Link here:- http://www.vouchercloud.com/

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Hi guys, just a quick heads up.

If you read their blurb they state that they do not make any charge for marketing etc etc, but as I found out when setting up an account they have an annual fee of £199 which is not shown anywhere until almost at the end of the setup phase.

I have since cancelled my account as I am not paying that sort of money for non targeted advertising that is reliant on those punters who join Vouchercloud having their GPS etc running when they get near my shop.

After I sent my email to cancel it I had a call from them to see why I felt it wasn't for us. When asked where my nearest city was (Worcester) I was told that in the worcetsershire area they had approx 10000 members. Although I find that somewhat hard to believe that is still a very small number of punters when if I had 1% of those pass within 10 miles of here that would be a high percentage.

If this type of marketing is for you then I dare say they are very good, but it isn't for me.

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