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Advice on Ridding the World of Silver Speculators?


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Have seen a commercial that has incensed me every time it has run on the television:

MONEX advertising people start investing (aka running up the price, speculating, hoarding) silver, talking about how it could be an even better investment than gold.

I was thinking of methods to stop this practice.  Since our legislators seemingly worldwide failed and continue to fail at regulating speculation on things such as crude oil, perhaps a more direct "down to Earth" approach would get the job done, encourage investment into other, more productive areas, such as industry.

It is a "modest proposal" to solve the very real problem for those of us whose lives are dictated by those casually trading thousands of troy ounces of Ag and then selling them before the contracts become due and they get 100 troy lb delivered to their doorsteps!

At least as far as the real world is concerned, according to Wikipedia, the photographic industry uses HALF of what it did at its peak in 1998. . .

Investors need to put their "panic money" elsewhere.  Buy platinum so the gangstas have to spend more drug money on their watches, not a valuable component of our day-to-day work!

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