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We currently run a eco lab 2030 and it is great,but i want to change the paper from kodak edge to royal type N digital

i already have some profiles loaded that say the are for the Royal type paper but i suspect that they are a way out of date

i have tried to create some of my own though the labnet software but no joy yet we currently are using RA-4

Anyone out there that can help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Richard,

I don't know that machine as I have Agfa kit, but if the profiles that the machine uses are straight forward ICC profiles then I can help.

The only problen is that I am not just down the road from you. Probably as far away as I could be as am in sunny UK. I can let you have three files to print and then post the prints to me. I will measure them and email the profile to you.

All I ask is £20 GBP paid by PayPal and for that I will create up to 3 profiles for you so if you use different paper types you will be covered.

If you wish to know more or request the test files send me an email. The address is on out site. Link below.

If you have Skype, you may catch me on that, but I only use it for text as no comms at work. - richard_mrh



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