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How is business?


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Here in New Zealand with the earthquakes in Christchurch and the high dollar is going to make this year really tough as if it was,nt all ready, not really sure what to do next,stay with it or bale out after the next season as it is hard to see a future in this game with the way world economy is these days as we rely on tourist for 70% of our business and last year we had a 30% drop in turn over.

So some big decisions for us this year.

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Yep still here, but my core business has changed to DVD transfer of video and cine. I still print from film and digital, but find that what I would call 'specialist' services are more in demand these days.

I'm of a mind that the minilab side is in free-fall, but specialist digital printing etc services are on the up.

Does anyone concur?

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Our 5 Kodak kiosks are always busy and we have been doing up to 20 films a day lately. Customers are coming in every day with old photos to copy. Kenro photo frames have been flying out the door along with our hand made fames. The best selling camera has been the Fuji HS20 which we sell as a kit and make good money.

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We've just done our numbers for the end of the financial year, and we are pleasently UP, but even better, our Gross Profit is WAY UP!

I put this down to much more slide scanning and movies/video to DVD, which are very low in material costs, but very high profit.

Our film processing has dropped a little in the last 12 months (-6%) but we are still way up on 2 and 3 years ago. Lots of 120 film (sales and processing) as we are selling and supporting Holga cameras.

Moving into photobooks in store from our kiosks and also online photobooks through Cewe, which I'm really looking forward to.

All in all, I'm very optimistic about the next 12 to 18 months, and on.


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We have been hit with consumer confidence but hanging in nicely with canvas, gifts and frames. Doing quite a bit of business stuff like enlargements and banners which have helped keep sales up. Print numbers down, profit up - and we seem to be doing OK compared to others.

Looking at putting in a photo organising service soon, with staff trained to help customers find images on their computers, scan old prints, slides and negs, categorise them and turn into books, etc.

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