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HD movies


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I edit HD videos with a Laptop with Sony Vegas pro. I do not need to cut a lot or add

lots of effects, only eliminate bad footage. In my case Vegas is right for me.

I always deliver to customer DVD-Video because is the format that all my customers

ask for.

One important question is: How do you deliver that HD videos to the customer? If is a disc

you'll have to create a Blue-Ray, and customer has to own a Blue-Ray player, if not

you have to create a DVD-Video (the longest standard format right now for everyone),

and convert HD video to SD video.

Delivering HD to customer is not a very standard thing because not everybody has

something capable to play it (multimedia player with HD format-television with USB

capable to play HD videos...), and due to lots of Gigabytes needed for HD: where to

put all those Gb, is the customer bringing you his portable HDD? In several DVD-Roms?

In severals severals severals CD-Roms? In  several Pendrives?...


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If you don't compress the file, the quality should be alright. If you want to enhance the quality, probablly you need some pro. hardware and software, taht may cost you fortune.  I  use Ulead Video Studio. it is support Blue-Ray. I am happy with that. But some customer bring some very bad quality video source, even worse than VHS.  I still do not know how to make it better.

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About quality you're right.

In the past ALL the tape cameras record medium-high quality video.

Now in the market you find very good and VERY VERY VERY bad video


Right now people record videos with everything that can handle in

their pocket, and some qualities are HORRIBLE, and they want

some miracle with the footage they recorded.

People think that a HD camera is a HIGH QUALITY camera, but they

don't know that HQ refers to resolution (lots of pixels recorded) and

not to quality. Some HD cameras are worse recording than any old

tape camera.

But that's what industry is selling to customers, and customers don't

use to know a lot about video features.


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