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Copal Dye-Sub Printer


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We are experiencing horizontal banding line problems with our Copal DPB 1000E printer. This has been a habitual problem,but in recent weeks getting much worse. We have tried all the usual cleaning of print head but to no avail. Anyone had experience of this  problem? Anyone service these printers?? Anyone got a refurbished model for sale??  :)

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I have had this problem before also and replaced the print head - very expensive but it worked.  In Perth Australia, a local company did the repairs - i believe there is only one person here that fixes them.  i am at home today but will look up the paperwork tomorrow if you still need the info.  let me know.  note i have since sold it on ebay but i got much less for it than the cost of the repair.


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I have one of these printers, though I have never had banding I have had white spots on parts of the print. The print head was replaced, but its still not that good, and yes print head replacement is expensive.

Was never really happy with the print quality from this printer, and consumables are expensive.

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I have a Copal DPB-1000 for sale. It is in perfect working order (badly under utilised) i also have a spare unused media set (6x4) to go with it. I am in Perth, Western Australia. message me or txt 0403369234 if you might be interested in it. Not good for spare parts - it is as new, so instead use your existing printer for spare parts and use this as a brand new printer.

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