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Help Me regarding POS software and KIOSK software


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i have multiple questions to ask.

I am running a photo studio in Africa.

I have problems where my own staff steals from me.

it does not happen often but i caught few times and fired them

but it seems like they find a way of stealing all the time :(

They print photos and sell it backdoor.

I am not sure how i could stop this,

My studio is not big but sometimes very busy.

i need a software or a system that could control it.

i need to be able to count how many photos are ordered in a day

and how many photos are printed in a day.

i am using Frontier 370 and FDI program.

however i dont have any Point of Sales program or Kiosk program at the front

by the computers.

what kind of kiosk program should i use?

what kind of point of sales program should i use to check my inventory

and all the orders? i am so confused, please help me..

I am planning on installing some CCTVs as well.

People here sometimes do not know how to use computer well

so i need a Kiosk program that customers can learn easily,

i can't always have my staff sitting there for 30 minutes choosing 5 photos

going over 200 photos they have in their stick. On top of that i need a way

to stop virus coming onto my computer from their sticks!

sometimes my staff will bring friends and order 30~40 photos infront and ask

the printing guy to print it and sell it back door. this is why i need a kiosk software

and also a way to count both from the ordering point and printing point.

I have so many questions and i would really appreciate if you guys could

share a system you use. I believe this will also help many other lab owners

and future owners.

thank you and sorry for asking so many questions..

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We have a pont of sale software ( specially made for Minilabs ) where you can get all reports on sale, purchase, dealer sale and purchase, make invoices etc.

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as far as i know unless u watch ur staff very carefully there is no POS software thats gonna stop ur employees from stealing......i know its really difficult to do that and that will create a negative impact on ur staffs productivity at some point of time.......I understand ur situation as personally i know a neighbouring studio where apparently employees make more money than the owner makes.lol..looking at that i consider myself lucky because i am having my close relatives as my employees....and they don' t steal...install a CCTV system and make them aware that they are being watched..that may help u to some extent

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thanks for the reply, i am going to do that :)

i am thinking of using Inuit POS software,

and i am not sure about KIOSK program.

what kind of program is everyone using?

i need something affordable,

nothing serious is needed, just photos need to be loaded on to the computer

without help from my staff...

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