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Braun Slide scanner problem


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I am having problems with my Braun multimag 4000 slide scanner.

The problem is a coloured line running top to bottom of these slides (Attached are 4 slides showing my problem).This is affecting approx 30% of the scanned slides. These are untouched. As you can see in slide4 the line runs from top to bottem changing

colour as it passes through the slide.The problem is worse on dark slides.

I am scanning with ROC and ICE turned on and at either 1800 or 2700 dpi.

Have rebooted the PC and the scanner to no effect. If I rescan a bad slide it often comes out worse.

Any ideas?

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Is the scanner connected by a scsi cable?

I occasionally have a similar problem with my sony scanner it's always down to a bad scsi connection. Remove the cable, make sure no pins are bent and carefully refit the cable. If it's not connected with a scsi cable then disregard this post  ;D

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