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please read-opinions needed


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Hi Tony,

You seem to have had a catalogue of errors, and feel that you should have labelled the thread "issues with veritek" maybe, it is hardly surprising that most members have not read a thread on a lab brand they don't personally use.

As you know, this company have taken over service contracts for noritsu and others.

We retained the same engineers, so their skill base was strong, but their admin resulted in a number of invoice errors.

Lab reliability was a key to my success in over 20 years wetlab, and also a factor in helping me to exit the industry. If service agents do not realise this then they face an ever shrinking customer base and no future. I would seriously think of a spare lab to cannibalise, or backup capacity.

Good luck


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I'm not sure what comments you are looking for.

If they broke it - they fix it - simple, at least in theory.

I guess equipment service is always going to be a critical area for all labs, and an area where the cheapest is not always the best. Some labs want to do it themselves, some have issues even finding someone to do service.

We use Kodak, who look after Noritsu in Australia and it costs us A$1100 PER MONTH. Yes its bloody expensive, but they are here the day I call, or if no tech is available locally, they fly one in to sort the issue.

Noritsu also offer service via their own techs or using Kodak.

I might look at some cheaper items to sell in the shop at times, but my service contract is critical to my business success and I will not compromise on it.

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