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Ok guys and gals.

At present we are looking at getting a minilab.  We need tobe sorted by July.

In the mean time I need  a price on 10x8. 12x8,( print only and in mounts) 6x18 and  8x24in prints. (in tubes and mounts)

We are a school photographer company. We use pro labs at the moment. But even with 22,000 orders going through we are at their best discount. And our last bill was huge.

Now if any of you chaps would want a shed load of extra work please feel free to PM me with best prices.

You will be looking at printing a few thousand a month.

Hope I put some work your way.  We are based in Oxfordshire.

The sizes above are summer season only. Starting in April.  

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crikey with that amount of orders your lab should pay for itself in no time,looks like you've been working to feed school pics  or someone else ...we started printing our own school work some 10 + years ago and have never looked back,you will save a fortune just  on proof cards, let alone the actual packs from the parents orders.

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