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Raymond Stevens Plant and Marine


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The above company are advertising various mini labs for sale, boats  and a helicopter??

Not wanting to slander anyone but I have heard bad things and have been warned off

Run by a Clinton Lord

Fully automated answer phone

I seem to recall something on here a couple of years ago but can not find anything now

Any one used them

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I made a load of enquiries on this company as someone in Iceland asked me about a machine he was planning on buying. I was warned off by someone who buys and sells kit an a big scale that he was of the Nigerian Prince type, Phone is never answered direct and stops dialling half way through when its redirected out of the country, goes by the name Clinton or Raymond, you all know if you are looking at sending 12K to buy a machine you have never seen from a guy you have never met who sells Helicopters, Boats and o yes, mini labs, he has to be legit 8)

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Hi.This is fake company. One company asked me visit this company, to look at Fuji minilab, which they wanted to buy. When I came to UK I didn't find Raymond Stevens Plant and Marine  company on provided address.They promised to meet me in London, to show minilab ( perhaps they hoped that we will not go to UK ) , but they even didn't pick up phones, when I called them from UK. This company wanted payment in advance ASAP, but fortunately we decided pay only after when we see minilab. So I visited London Padington police station and left all documents them ( agreement, invoice and other documents ) . I said them " maybe you would like to buy this minilab". More information about this cheater :




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