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Alternative to ROES ?


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Like you I looked at various ROES options, and tbh they are very pricey unless there is a lot of traffic with high value options.

Have been using the Dakis system for about 9 months now. Have not had loads of work through it yet, but that is down to not really getting marketing sorted. The great advantage with this system is that you pay a set fee per different file. For example, if customer orders 20 different 6x4 prints you pay 20x the image fee charged by Dakis. If however, the customer orders 20 6x4 prints (5 off 4 dif images) you pay 4x the fee.

Customers like the simple way that it all works.

All in all it is a bloody good system.

Setting up is relatively easy once you get your head around how Dakis have things laid out. Especially when it comes to adding postage.


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