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Dear minilabhelpers!

A Genuine Happy new year 2011!

I have grown alitlle dissolutioned with the whole belief in a specialized on site photo printing specialist,


I'm beginning to re-think!

The assination technology, ie. FACEBOOK.

with FB, -  generations never need to 'feel' the actual cardboard physical presence of a print, ....... our lifeblood ,.....


the surviving miniabs have retained a skill base that will start to have increasing value.

hardware sales, - can be briliant IF you are goood at it, and pointless of not,

Camera's have evolved to a 'better than good eonogh' tec, and memory is soo cheap, - ....


where does that leave the Minilab?

I hope, with a vision, that the true value of phtos is in sharing them, in limited doses! - any more than 50 images becomes too much, and the viewer switches off, and yet single prints are too slow.

Kiosk makers are beginning to tap into the power of social networks, but the option is there for anyone with a bit if coding to create a fresh killer app to optimize image exposure.

Face recognition is being introduced to face book and other software, soon our face may become as 'googleable' as our name.........

and this is still only the start of the information age......

There are many great furures that can be made with minilabhelpers skills, then technology that gave birth to our industry gives birth to soo many more.

What are your dreams for 11?


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Phil, for a moment I saw the title of this thread "2011" and that got me thinking it was the Noritsu 2011 that was the first real hybrid lab .. how apt is that.

In December I have done freelance work doing event photography, and I tell you what.. People out there are just gagging for hard photos

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Phil, you are so right. I think that all these digital devices and social media make hard copy prints even more relevant these days. At our shop we're seeing a steady stream of customers getting prints from their iPhones (check out the Histamatic and time-lapse modes - super cool!) plus seeing people wanting pics for their LinkedIn profiles - all business we'd never have imagined 10 years ago. Anyone doubting the relevance of a minilab need only to have been stood in our retail area the week before Christmas. It was one of the best in years - long live the print!

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