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How is the weather affecting trade?


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Hard weather favours the strip mall over the traditional high St or covered market.

The north has had it cold for over a month now. Fir the first week or two it was quieter but now we are aclimatized it feels normal again.

I wonder if there is a national feeling that this is the "last christmas" before vat increase and austerity measures? I hope not!

If you do onsite photogifts print out a stack of fliers saying you do them in 1 hour and take round the chains, we get a lot if last week trade this way.

Ho ho ho


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Last Saturday was a very busy day for me, I think our locals were panic buying as they did not want  to attempt to get into the city, all week was steady but yesterday was great so  I'm hoping this is now the start of the last minute rush and i'm not letting anyone out without a frame or something!

Dont you just love the sound of that till going ...kerching...reminds me of the good old days.

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