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Getting busy :)))


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we have great weather but only this week are the customers starting to come in.  We have been very quiet till now - so much that my casual girl is not working as much.  i have this feeling that everyone is going to come in at the last minute.  IT'S 3 WEEKS TILL CHRISTMAS PEOPLE  ;)

i really think people don't realise how little time they have left to get their magnificent creations from us!!! :P

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We still have over a foot of standing snow in Newcastle, and some heaps over 6 foot high.

The first week was dead, but Xmas must go on, and it feels like normal trade dispite the trecherous pavements.

We seem to be doing no callendars thus year, dispite them being popular in past years,

the mousemat business is over, mugs remain popular, and will really pick up (hopefully) in the last week when chains stop their send away service.

Printed stockings have been a good earner, we buy them from the pound shop, put names on in gold flex and charge ten.

What is good for you?

Happy ho ho ho!


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Very slow and unpredictable, we have had I think 2 busy days so far, fingers crossed things will pick up.

Canvas print orders are trickling through but nothing like previous years.

A good idea with the stockings phil, what are they made of, the reason why I ask is that the ones in my local cheapie shop aren't fluffy but they have lots of hairs on the surface like a down and I don't think that vinyl would stick too well.

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I agree with Ajla - canvases are not as popular as the past few years. Phil, sorry to disappoint - we've done tons of mousemats ( I think people see them more as deskmats now?) Just re-ordered a bunch more from Swains last night so hopefully they will arrive. Other popular things this Christmas are the photo bags - in pink (arrggh!!) and placemats. Still early with the best yet to come  ;)

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