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Quick price check UK please


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Just working on a quote, need some input please as it may be price sensitive and I want the job!

277 mounted slides, scan and correct ( a quick check reveals some are dark, some faded, so all will have to go thru photoshop for corrections) we need to produce a Video DVD slideshow with a music background ( I have a collection of copyright free cd's for this) as well as a disc with the corrected scans in case prints are needed.

What would you charge ?

If you would rather, please em or pm me instead of posting on here. Your input will be of great help!

Thanks in advance.

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here in NZ i did 450 slides  at $0.70 each

and the slide show with music done with Pro Gold at $20.00

and $12.00 for each copy i think it was 6 copies

You need to give a good indication of price before you start

the slides were given minor corrections and this was told at the start.

all scanned on the epson 4990v at 1800dpi 20 at a time.

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I use a sony scanner (uys-100?) (I'm at home so can't see it to tell you the exact model)

In reality with practise and experience the time taken is not unreasonable and we always do these jobs as a fill in rather than blitz it . Total time for the scanning etc, about 3 hours spread over a week and then a couple of hours creating and burning the DVD

Anyhow job done and dusted- paid for, so now I know that our prices are OK.

Thanks for the input- always appreciated  :)

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