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3d cameras


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Having seen the aritcle on the BBC click programme regarding 3D still cameras I was intriged to know more. Checkout this link:


So is this the future?

Do I spent another fortune on equipment?

Are people happy to spent £7.00 on one 5x7 print?

Is this another reason not to get anything done?

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3D has been around for over 50 years, and this fuji system for a year? - It was demo'd at PMA in Feb along with a pre production kiosk, but so far only a factory in Japan is offering a print service i think .....?

Fuji openly admitted they didn't know if there was a market, and if there was, which way it might go.

They (and others) offer 3d screens - some requiring glasses, others not.

no-one knows which way the market, or trends will go, but any serious technology based company has got to continuously innovate.

Maybe the question is, Can You think of a way to make money out of it?

you don't need to use a fancy 3d camera to create 3 d images. it's only another tool, question is, is it any use?


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