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How is trading for everyone? With all the technical questions posted it's hard to get an idea of exactly how the industry is faring, ideas, bouquets, brickbats - or whatever else we used to see more of - and I miss it.

We are having a good summer, seeing a steady increase in passports and some digital services so that's encouraging. Not sure whats going to be our star performer for Christmas. Anyone else with some some ideas?

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Things are not bad up here in sunny Shetland thanks to more holiday visitors and lots of promotions. Our four Kodak G4s are always busy. Mobile phones and camereas are selling well. Ous Swains rep has come up with some inrernet matching offers so things should get better - fingers crossed!

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Have a look on our web thecameracentre.net . Our Swains rep has come up with lots of internet beating camera offers this month which should help camera sales in the next few weeks. Every camera we sell has a bundle that gives the customera extra savings, more money for us and a fiver to the shop assistant so everyone wins! We price Energiser batteries at £29.99. They cost £5 so if they buy an extra battery they get something free like mini tripod kits. The cheaper AA models have free Kodak chargers with ready to use batteries (which we price at £14.99 and get from Tetenal for £2.50) for anyone who buy a 4gb card @ £19.99 and an overpriced! case.

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