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Jessops STILL struggling!

Harry Crank

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As the two-year old, twelve-page long "Jessops Strugling" thread is getting a bit too clumsy to navigate now, why don't we start a new one, a kind of "Son of Jessops Struggling", and call it "Jessops STILL struggling!"

This will be the place to post all our Ooohs! and Aaaahs! when - yet again, for yet another year - the miraculous hullk is still alive after Christmas!


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Hi Harry - love the photo....

i feel the same about Jessops as i do (now) about Woollies:

there are many good stores that went to the wall whilst competing with the lunatic business plan that Woolworths had. our high streets lost individual and irreplacable shops.

jessops are no better. so with apologies to their staff who are also victimns in this - bring it on before they create more damage to our town centres than they have already

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Looks pretty certain as they have appointed liquidators!

I to would have to agree that they have driven many stores from the high street, by a ridiculous pricing structure that has meant that the value of what we do has been eroded away and will never return. They have priced purely with Market share in mind and never profit.

Question. If they removed the baseline price on a 6x4 print from 5p to 10p would it probably save the business?

I think it would go along way towards, and with a simple basis of selling nothing at a loss they could survive.

It would seem to me that most of the people on this forum could resolve most of the issues the company has by using knowledge of the industry and business basics!

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The think in my last post was it seems out dated  :-/ my error in not checking.. For the general public this is not a good news story.. I would say that the whole way that the shares and info has been dealt with, and the info proved all has been rather "iffy" to say but the least.. Now lets see which Phoenix rises from the ashes...  ;)

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This "voluntary liquidation" is nothing to do with the Jessops stores on the high street.

It's just a formality related to delisting the old "Jesssops PLC" entity from the London Stock Exchange.

This entity is already just an empty shell that owns nothing.

(Although, as Neil says, there are questions to be asked about how worthless shares in it have continued to be traded, and how aware shareholders and buyers have really been of its status.)

The stores went their own way months ago.

(I think we're all a bit like distant relatives gathered round the sick-bed of an estranged rich cousin, whom we never quite approved of, waiting for them to die!)

Happy New Year!


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A friend of mine went to jessops to buy a new cannon digital SLR and was told no stock available for the model he wanted for 6 weeks, so he tried a local independant and was told a simular story, went to currys and bought one off the shelf!!!!

When I visited our local jessops they had no cameras in the window at all, only cardboard cutouts!!

So they still seam to be struggling, but am missing gossip, dose anyone have any or know a site to read.

Missing the share gossip!!

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