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Copying DVD's


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I have a problem with a customers wedding DVD's we copied using Nero. While the original plays fine on her DVD at home - plus computer, the ones we copied don't work on her player and the music runs behind the pictures on computer!

Its a strange one but we want to find a solution ( been on my mind all night - now I'm enlisting the experts!). Luckily I copied the original contents of the DVD so the whole folder is on the desktop! Inside are folders titled MGPEGAV, CDI, EXT, SEGMENT, VCD and Autorun.

Any ideas appreciated  :-/

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Sounds like it's a VCD and not a DVD.   DVD's only have a "VIDEO_TS" and maybe a "AUDIO_TS" folder.

If you select all those folders & files, right click and select Properties, what is the total file size ?

If it's under 700MB, just burn those folders to a CD and have her try again.

Or just use Nero(or whatever) and burn as a Data DVD (or CD) depending on total file size.

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as you have files on pc open nero and try burning dvd as a movie in burning options. As far as I know if you burn a dvd in nero it can produce problems if dvd player is an expensive one. Or try the copy dvd function maybe?


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Hi Everyone, thanks for this. I think Big Dave may have worked it out for us. The total contents of those folders is really small so we will try burning to a CD. Because they had a label over the original I guess our shop staff simply assumed it would be a DVD. Here's hoping!

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