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Where has all the chat gone?


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We have been missing all the general chat recently. It seems that technical questions seem to be what most are using the forum for and while that's a good thing - sometimes it can seem a bit depressing as all the latest posts seem to be machine problems etc.

As an industry we should be sharing information on the market, ideas and the kind of chats we used to have with Reps when they called in (way back then).

It would be great if everyone could start with a bit of good news - or is everyone too busy glued to the World Cup? JMHO

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Hear Hear..... I would not normally allow the "bumping" of threads, but I know that a lot of people only look at the "Latest Forum Activity" which only shows the last 8 threads..... People need to scroll down the page and look for on.gif this shows that new threads exist in the section.

You can get rid of the on.gif by clicking the section, then click on the text that says Mark as Read

Lets get some good topics going.....

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I have raised this with neil, and feel the site would be a lot better if there was a top 8 technical, and another for general.

Technical is quite exclusive, I cannot help with a photo me, or an agfa, .... but I do check daily or more often.

Could you script it so that members can specify which technical they get ? - thou maybe then they might miss out on wisdom from ex users .....

Iether way, I think the general needs greater weighting so it doesn't get lost in the noise of technical pleese for help !



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I am always open to suggestions

We have a very high search engine ranking throughout the globe, and hence why so popular. I know that many of the threads are about "techie" issues, but I do not class that as a problem, as it is important that a lab owner can seek help or advice when a problem comes up.

I could turn off the "Latest Forum Activity" and this would then mean that users would not be looking at just the recent thread. If they see a on.gif it would mean that new messages have been posted in that section.

I spend a few hours here everyday monitoring the messages, answering many e-mails and trying to get bits of news. Alas, we just do not get any funding, well very little, so funds are sparse to how I could expand the site to bring in possible paid custom code etc.

But keep the thoughts and ideas flowing.. I am keen to hear  (acclaim1)

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Perhaps more use could be made of the non- photographic section. There must be things other than our work to chat about.

Take a look, post a joke, comment about the emergency budget, tell us about your holiday, share a recipe, review a movie, tell us about your hobbies etc etc

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We have been missing all the general chat recently.

Just an idea.... maybe we charge a very small amount to be able to contribute here.. I dunno.. as an idea membership here is free, so you can read all sections, but to make a new post, you need to make a a very small donation to this web site, say just £1 one Pound, one Euro, or $1 one Dollar

I have never wanted to do this... but it could be an option.... Thoughts ?

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but to make a new post, you need to make a a very small donation to this web site, say just £1 one Pound, one Euro, or $1 one Dollar

Why would anybody give up there time and effort to give advice and help to others and be charged for doing so?

I don't think you have quite thought that one through Neil!

I understand you need to generate some funds to keep this site running, but your suggestion will discourage people from posting, which will then effectively kill Minilabhelp.com. I'm sure this is not what you want.

The only thing I can suggest is to charge a small annual membership fee, which is refundable if the member contributes a certain number of posts. You would need to define what counts as a contribution. As something like 'I have the part to fix your machine' is not really a valuable contribution!

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Here are my recommendations to generate fund to run this wonderful site.

1.  If you are a frequent visitor of this site, we all know the members who are the vendors/suppliers.  There is a small fee to become a vendor/supplier of the site.

2.  A list of members who donate money to support the site annually to display on the site.  Hope this will show how much or little the site is being supported.  I think people need to see the percentage of member who are supporting the site monetary.

3.  A list of proven experts who have contributed to help others to display on the site.  Monetary support isn't the only way.  We need to recognize the experts in the forum who have been extremely helpful.

I have benefited from this site very much.  I hate to see this site going down because of lack of funding.  Other people can provide comment on my recommendations.  I know it is not perfect, but just want to start the conversation.

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Why would anybody give up there time and effort to give advice and help to others and be charged for doing so?

i spent many days and hours to answer many questions not for any monetary benefit. rather i feel its a contribution which help the technical section make alive.  charging on each post will definitely kill this website. i agree with Mr. Dave.

but its a common fact that most of them expect  things should get free.  

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Just to clarify my position, I am not promotion the experts will be charged for contributing to the site.  I think they should be recognized in a way that easy for people to see, specially for new members.  I look back when I first joined and had no idea who actually are considered by many in this forum as an experts who have provided valuable answers.  The percentage of members who contribute monetary provides an indicator that the need for funding to support the future of this site.  We don't necessary have to name the members.  The indicator potential shows the total amount of contribution.  Again, the suggestions may not be perfect, but may be a start since Neil has mentioned few times for funding of this site.  I am not an experts, but are willing to do my part, both monetary and provide video tutorial to save time and money for other members to benefit from my bad experience with my vendor.  I have benefited greatly from this site and hate to see any good thing goes away.

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I agree that this site has great value.

You can be an occasional, regular, or hyper visitor user.

We can be sure that there are probably as many peeps who just read without contributing.

It is very reasonable that Neil should be rewarded for his time/efforts - he doesn't even have a lab anymore, but he is very much the expert !

Maybe you should have a $£$ 10 fee per year for everyone.

Even one idea/tip/bit of help has got to be worth that !

Also - to encourage contributions .......

why not require a minimum of (say) 12 poste per year so that members can have their website in their posting signiture. I know that my posts on this forum have raised the google presence of my business websites.

Finally, maybe commercial interests SHOULD be allowed to post advert comments mid thread ....... - but the comment must be colour coded and marked as an advert, and each such post should carry a fee.

Finally, it isn't enough to buy Neil a pint once every 2 years and think that is ok.

Any manufacturer/supplier should put somthing in, this thread supports FDIS/Kodak Ex mambers, and all the other indies worldwide. This forum saves the manufacturers Zillions in tech support.

Any bit of tec help, or marketing idea is valuable, .......are you a maker or a taker ?

Everyone should put somthing in.

Me ? - well I bought Neil a pint last year !


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Some great ideas here  8)

I have a very good, in fact a really very good SEO (search engine ranking) with how this web site is set up  ;)

One thing that winds many people up, are the people that use this forum, to do self promotion for services or goods....

Keep the ideas going, as this is YOUR website

(offtopic1) Hey Phil, getting me a pint always helps... but getting a pheasant out of the boot of the car, and offering to the wife, brings on a whole new meaning (yes this did happen)

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And the 3500 4x6 prints I did for you......
I am looking for a guilty smiley  (respent) Now need to find photo albums....

Phil does raise a valid point here, I had not printed out my own photos for the last few years, and as mentioned I had shot over 3K photos  :P  I bet that there are many like me that will soon hold up a guilty hand, and get them printed.

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