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Family bisness..?


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Our shop has been allmost 30 years now, my mom has been in business at age of 15, now she is 61.

My dad is talking about selling the store or me taking over the store.

We dont sell cameras much (who does?), mostly frames and studio shots, passport and other stuff..!

I dont know what to do, i´m not that sosial person, i dont like to take photos of people, mainly product photos, part time worker and mon has taken photos of those wedding and funeralls at weekends + mon taken everyday photos at studio, sometimes my brothers wife. Mainly there are 3 workers..

How can i replace her?, allmost everyone is asking if she is coming..!!

What to do, hire more part time photographers, loose all studio and school shots, focus more on sublimation, id-cards, frames and stuff, or should we "Die With Your Boots On"..?=)

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The thing about being a photographer is almost like being an actor, - it is a hat you put on when you have a job to do.

You can do it, - if you HAVE to, - and then you can be good at it and start to enjoy !

Firstly you must be technically competant, you must know your camera inside out without thought - that comes from practice.

Then you must know the job, you can learn that skill by assisting your mum, learn the one liners, learn the patter, learn how to manage people.

You might not have in in you to be a great art photographer, but you can do it, and as you do, you will find your own style and way.

Just put the hat on and do the job !

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Ridge, go for it.  What are you going to do instead ?  Get a job ?  Good luck finding one.

Don't lose that school business !  I'm over here in the US trying like crazy to get my foot in the door with our local schools - they say they like their current photog co, but the photos are truly bad (background is sharp and in-focus and the kids are blurry).   If you're already in, stay there!  They're moving product shots.... :-)

Stay away from part time photographers unless they are truly excellent.  They'll abuse your equipment and your reputation.

Do as philspectrum says:

Assist your mom for all photo shoots as a second shooter/assistant/replacement, and learn the one-liners, learn the poses, read the trade mags, learn the attitude and confidence it takes to be successful at getting the shots you need/want -- they hired you because you're THE PROFESSIONAL.

You might not be able to be your mom, but you will bring in a "fresh perspective" (aka:style) about the types of shots at the events your mom currently covers.  And enjoy the event, relax, be confident, and you WILL be successful.

What country are you in ??

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