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Phil - Spectrum Imaging


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Well, some may now have got to grips with what Phil at Spectrum Imaging is up to  :-/ I have know Phil for a great many years, and we both started up in the Mini Lab business around the same time. Working with Phil on the PMA Mini Lab Advisory committee was always a pleasure, and even now he speak with a passion, and supports and promotes the PM.

We have shared more than one or two glasses of the old Shandy over the years, with a few very late nights thrown in.

A couple of weeks back, Phil was very kind and he printed around 3,500 prints for me!!! For that Phil - THANK YOU  :)

I moved out of the business myself in 2006, and have had a very interesting journey, just a couple of weeks back I got a little part time job, and I now have a job title, and I kid you not "Mad Scientist" Here is a little job that I have


I am sure that Phil is still going to be around for a long time offering his wisdom, advice and great humour  :)

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As you may know, I am closing Spectrum Imaging on 3rd July 2010 and have a few bits and bobs to pass on from my minilab and copyshop business.

I have put some kodak g3 kiosks in classified, but if anyone is after any odd bits then please PM me.


TBH Phil, I had no idea you were leaving us. Please enlighten me and the rest of us what you are doing. Thank you for your continuous input to our community. You will be missed.



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