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I am also looking at this area.

You should use a blade with a different angled blade, and obviously different pressures etc.

I have looked at the HUGE range of vinyl and found it a bit overwhelming .......

I am sure there is a market for small / low end signage - DIY stuff where the client takes it away and applies it themselves. the media is mostly inexpensive, and I think for Joe Bloggs window cleaning and plastering services it should be an easy sell, especially if you are doing their garments too.

Anyone doing it ?


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I've got a little robo cutter as well. I've made signs for my windows, and I've used it to make signs which I stuck on the spare wheel covers of our 3 4x4's to advertise my business. I've even done a large poster to advertise this to see if I can sell them !

Never been much good at marketing- any ideas would br appreciated. The robo cutter is excelent and I would love to get more use out of it.

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