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how many emplyees do u have


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i am own me own, believe it`s hard work.

i have so staff jammed into my tiny shop, that if employed anyone there would health and safety issues  

lol..u mean u don't  have enough space that another person can't even stand in ur shop....lol

BTW can i see a picture of ur shop

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no i have a spiral stair case just to the left of it and to the right is the fire escape and bathroom access.

And the computer is under the front counter and the monitor on top of the counter, so i and the customers can view

i have a 4` foot pole sticking out 90* fron the wall where i`ve hung a curtain to it

i just pull the curtain out when taking ppp and then just fold back when finished

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nice compact unit nash.

reminds me of my first shop in 87 of 139 square feet, and that included the customer space, it was a proper shop, not a kiosk !

Spectrum is typically 2 per day now, thou in the peak days of film, and having 4 colour copiers we might be upto 5 per day.

each colour copier was manned, and we somtimes had queues for all 4 ....... happy times !


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