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Pakon F235 Error Code 3001


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I have just purchased a Pakon F235 from eBay. I have the software and have installed PFI etc. and all the drivers on a Windows 2000 machine successfully. However, when I run PFI, I get the following error message: "The scanner has reported a problem Code 3001". All you can do is close PFI because the machine and software have not initialised. There is no additional information in the logs. The scanner is showing a single green light. Does anyone know what this error code means, and what you need to do to fix the problem?



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Note2:     If using TLA version 24RC6 or earlier, upgrade to version 24RC7 or later

     (a timeout value was changed from 0.1 secs to 2 secs).

     If using TLA version 24RC7 or later, see Note1.

     (If using PSI, make sure you are using version or later.)

Note8:     These may be caused by a powerless CCD board.

     (The fuses may have been shorted if the light shield was removed with the power on.)

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