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can't please em all


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when printing 4" prints we can either print 6x4 regardless or print 4" x whatever the image requires, usually 5.5".

either way somebody will moan.

we try and explain the difference but since most of the public are pretty thick, I wonder whether it's worth the effort

do you print 6x4 or the whole image

and do you offer the option ?

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Been there-

I now have many customers who ask for 4'' full frame. I have educated them well  ;D

However most people have to have 6x4 come what may. In that case I am happy to crop as necessary to give them a good result, but only on a premium service. If they insist on paying less then I print full frame, and don't even look at the prints.

The tricky problem is when you have images with a date on the front, if you crop vertically ( as you must) then the date will appear in different parts of the print. In that case I print full frame and explain to the customer why I have done so.

I still can't understand why Camera makers went for a different aspect ratio to 35mm film. This has caused so many problems to us and consumers alike.

I am sure most of us spend more time than we should explaining this to customers.

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The 6x4 or real size issue is almost non-existent for us. Most customers order through our in store kiosks which we have set to 6x4 by default.

Our online order system is also set to 6x4, so if a customer wants a full image they zoom out (to 4x5.5) which is printed on 6x4 paper.

Most people who ask about full frame decide on the 6x4 after we explain that almost all albums, frames and picture pockets are standardised to 6x4, 7x5, 8x6 (4:3 formats). Occasionally someone will insist on getting full frame and we oblige at no extra cost.

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