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I need the cost per print or inch please!!


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Sorry this question is so rushed, crudely asked etc. but I'm trying to get at least a ballpark before morning, hopefully in the next few hours...

- We have a Noritsu Qss something or other, looks about 10 years old (don't remember the exact model)

- We use Fuji chemistry

- We use Fuji paper. Gloss and Lustre. We use a combination of 4", 5". 6", 10" and 11" to make our prints.

- if the 'replenishement rates' matter, I might can remember them.

I'm wanting to know if anyone has at least a general idea of cost per print, or cost per foot, whichever is more relevant. I'm only looking for the cost per print of paper and chemistry - not overhead, employee hours, cost of equipment etc.

Any help in such short notice is greatly appreciated!! I have a feeling I'm going to love this forum! Take care all. - Jason C.

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paper cost calculation.

6" paper = 0.152  ( W) x 186  (L) = 28.27 sq mt.

1 sq mt = 64 prints  (4R)

64 x 28.27 = 1809 prints / roll.

paper roll cost / 1809 = 4R paper cost.

for chemical cost need to know the rep rate of each P1, P2 and STB.  

calculation for cartdige chemistry bit easy.

for example Fuji frontier series. one  fuji CP49 LR cartridge can process 125 square meter paper.

125 square metre = 193750 square inch

one 4R = 24 Square inch

193750 / 24 = 8072 prints

cartridge cost / number prints = chemical cost per paper  (4R).

i think this way can calculate...but may be another easiest way... ;-)

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Hi Jason

I did this some time ago so the figures might not be bang on but they will be fairly close and give you a good idea,the cost is not in the materials  its the capital expenditure of the equipment as we all know,wet labs are still by a very long shot the most effective way to produce prints not only cost per print but longetivity of the actual print produced.

Remember it took over a 100 years to develop the RA4 formula, no pun intended,ink jets,dye subs etc, in my opinion still have another 80 years to catch up yet...

The figures are done in uk currency not sure where you are so may need to convert.

if there is anyone else that has done more recent figures then by all means correct me.

3.5x2.5 size 4up 5 pence

5x3.5 size    2up 5 pence

6x4 size             4 pence

7x5 size             5 pence

8x6 size             7 pence

10x8 size          12pence

allow a bit for wastage on each roll for colour tests etc.

obviously negoitating a good deal with your paper supplier is key to keeping the costs as low as possible also.hope this helps.

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