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Hello, I browsed around the forum and it seems like you guys know what your talking about, and i think im at the right place to ask for some advice. I'm planning on opening a photo booth for water polo events, offering all reasonable sizes of pictures that i can print on the spot as fast as i can. They are many people that go to these events and i would like to print the photos as fast as possible, but with out having a 50k dollar minilab at the moment. I probably will by a mini lab in the future for the office so i can print bigger sizes at the office and having the customer buy them from my website. Also, i would like to look into buying a cd printer label machine to give a cd to the client, as well as mugs, key chains and whatever else that i can use. Basically what im asking for is something like Walt Disney does, but on the spot prints and on my website. Well that's pretty much it, and i would really appreciate some good advice.

Thank you

Ps. I was looking at Sony's Snap Lab commercial photo printer, it any good for my goal

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