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Elizabeth Carrington do these.  You stick the photo onto a self adhesive mount board, this then stick to frame with adhesive tabs,  mind the trade price for the frame is more than Tesco.  You can sell just the frame to the customer, sizes from 7*5.

Swains sell a similar box frame, think it is cheaper but not so robust.

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They look interesting. Is there glass in the frames? And is the photo behind the frame or mounted on the front? Looks like a frame with a deep rebate, simple enough for a framer to make, but the cost of those type of mouldings are typically quite high. Just the frame would probably cost more than what they are charging.

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I bought some from Swains, put one up on the wall with a photo as a sample. right bugger to get the print down evenly on the S/A backing! No glass btw. Looks good, but I think I'll sell the frames rather than as a package with a print- too much scope to mess up the print !

Unless of course someone with more experience can tell us how to apply the print.

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