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Agents to sell high street labs?

Steven Deverill

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Hi all, does anyone know of specialist agents that sell our type of business. I know there used to be a few floating around but that was a while ago and things have changed!

if not can anyone recommend a uk business agent that will do the job properly!

My lab has become a real pain in the ass and its time i left it behind, (just because my other business is so intense) offered it to a local business for peanuts but his lack of knowledge has put him off the idea, so i am going for plan B.

Help always appreciated.


PS. its a kodak express high street lab

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I think your best bet is to try and sell to another minilab as they are the ones that really understand the market and any potential it may have. Everyone else will either say or think 'That business must have really changed since digital cameras came out'. If I had a pound for everyone who said that to me  ;)

There are always a few lab businesses listed on Daltons and someone mentioned an agent that did some work with the franchise labs as often these are not advertised. Another place you could try is Snappy Snaps. They have opened the odd new site recently. They might have a potential franchisee looking in your area.

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Sorry to hear you are closing the shop down but I know you have thought about it for a while now. Whatever you do - do not touch a company called RTA. They are based in Manchester and sell retail shops of all types. Not a good company to deal with at all. I would buy it myself but cannot get out of Newmarket currently - would love to get back nearer to my family.

Good luck Lesley

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Thanks for the replies so far!

Your right Lesley, it's not been my passion for a while now and after 10 years my other business has to have my undivided attention.

I really not doing the business justice, and have not ever reached it's potential. I think it's a good business to be in as long ad you keep your feet on the ground and learn to earn a wage and no more! That's probably where I have not done the business justice, by trying to be more than I am, with equipment that is very expensive! It's a different game now with dry labs so I will be taking my wet lab with me, so whoever comes on can make those decisions on how heavily to equip the lab!

Anyway still need more help so anymore thoughts welcomed!

And yes I do feel sad to be leaving it behind, because I've put my heart and soul into it for so long!

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