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Photocopier parts, end of life, and WEE


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My minilab has had a number of photocopiers over the years from most national suppliers.

We currently have xerox and canon both on full service.

Whenever parts are changed on the xerox they are removed by the engineer, or have return carrage stickers for the boxes, but for Canon Uk the exact opposite is the case.

Canon Uk talk about environmental responsibility, but happily leave drums, belts, fused units or whatever in my shop. They refuse to remove them for recycling and say that because I am the producer they are my responsibility to put in the bin. I think this is appauling and when I contact their service team they agree it is wrong but say it is company policy!

Canon don't even have a returns policy for the toner drum units for my clc 3201 even thou it us still a current machine.

Has anyone any better stories to share?

Finally, when my kit finishes being of any use, what us the correct and cheapest disposal method in the Uk?



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