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quick pricing query..


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I would do 5x7 prints 150 off for say 50p each, but try to sell up to scans to cd too for say 90p per print.

You have to sence how much they want or need them.

How much would you charge from strip negs? On my lab it's the same job....

Handling cut strips is the hassle. The prints only cost 3p each, how long will it take? Well under 30 min.

Don't be greedy or you will get nothing!


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Thanks for that- I quoted 75p each, and a second set at 50p each. The guy laughed and walked out, reckoning he had paid only £30 for one set at Tesco's some time ago. I thought Tesco had pulled out of the minilab business? Certainly all the tesco superstores round here pulled the labs some time ago, no counter or staff, just a couple of kiosks.

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Nash, was that for an iron-on T-Shirt, or for Dye-Sub T-Shirts ?

We only do Dye-Sub and always point out that there is no "hand", and that the image will last for 100+ washes and usually they'll choose us because of those "features".  Sell features, not price.

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