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But the images were there....!


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We have had a customer print a big batch of photos by kiosk. At the end she decided on a DVD too, which we went to burn on a separate PC. Of course, there are super-important ones there! On completion of the DVD there were only 8 images and now the card will not read on anything! It's one of those 8gb beasties - notorious for errors. Tried recovery, but when the PC won't even recognise it what is there to do? Any ideas?

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Yes, we got the picture images from the lab server archive. Problem is, the customer had lots of videos and the kiosk told us it would go over 3 CD's. Helpful staff said don't worry we'll burn it separately :(

Card is not recognised on any PC via the desktop - nor kiosk. I know it's probably hopeless but you never know - someone may have found a trick

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What type of card is it, SD? If so I would have thought you would be able to recover most if not all with the appropriate software. Have you tried any type of recovery software? There are a few listed in a similar thread under "digital", you might want to check them out.

This is your typical nightmare scenario, people really don't realise the importance of what's on their memory card until something like this happens. Hope you can sort it out.

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That's too bad.  I feel for you as we've had similar things happen before and couldn't do anything for our customer.

Now, how about putting the card in their camera, and doing a format ?  I know... very counter-intuitive.

IF it's a newer Canon, DO NOT do a Low Level format, just a "regular" format.

That'll get the card visible on your PC again, and then you can try the recovery.

For their videos, if the card is "well used", you can kiss most of them good-bye.  If it's a new card / new camera customer, you just might be able to salvage the videos as they'll most likely be written sequentially, and you'll have a higher success rate.

Hope this helps.

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