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Online orders soft or website options


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I have a familiar photoshop specialized in massive printings

and any other similar  digital image products.

I openned 5 years ago my shop and from the begginning I have a

web service that allow to my customers send via web their photos.

It is a very simply web java tool that only allows to send files to my

site,but it does the job, and many customers use it.

They send the photos and, in a text form, they specify what they

want and images are sent to my ftp account. I download and print

that order and customer comes to my shop and pick the photos

and pay.

I know that there are dedicated tools to make that, and allowing to

select sizes and number of photos, but I find that they are very

expensive and I don't have enough web transit to spend that money

for it.

Does anybody know any cheap system to do that, with a dedicated

software or thru an independent website that make easy to customer

to select and send any order online to my minilab.

I know the XKiosk option (I don't know if the web option is still active)

but I wonder if exists any other options.


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This is where Dakis shines.  They do charge you 3cents / image uploaded (not # of prints of that image)

It seems fair, and the interface is great for just ordering prints. with the crop/zoom/resize, etc.

No Monthly fees, just the 3 cents / image.

Now if we could all just find a good open source version of this, that would be great.  In the meantime, I'll just stick with the Dakis.

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I'm wondering why this post is in the KIS section ?

Anyway, that's not so bad as KIS have a new creative print software for their kiosks that can generate an end user software you give to your customers to play at home; this software allows your customers to bring back the order on a usb stick or to send it via an FTP server...

The only cost is the one of the kiosk software, and that could be interface with most minilabs brands...

One recommendation: try to use a recent computer for the kiosk software, not a 5 year old computer...

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OK, sorry but as I am a Kiss machine owner I always look in the Kiss section

and I didn't realize that my question was a generic question.

I know about the soft but I have a kiosk (eStation) and I don't have that

soft, so if I want it I'll have to buy it and it's not a cheap thing.

I only wanted to know other possibilities into online ordering photo.

I emailed Dakis and still no answer.


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