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Best place to get spare parts?


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I had a cog break in my Agfa film processor earlier .

I'm going to phone A&O in the morning to see if they can help. If not what other companies will supply spares?

I'm thinking that a list of spare parts suppliers would be useful anyway, so post up any you know (not necessarily for AGFA) and I'll make this thread a sticky.



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these guys have loads of spares for agfa machines but haggle with them over price as they can be expensive never except their first price..   www.photo-services.com

also ebay is a good place to buy machines for parts but beware i bought a second hand lab just a few weeks back unfortunately i forgot to ask where it was stored  it was in the guys 2 bedroom flat  in the middle of glasgow on the 14th floor of a 16 floor tower block can you beleive it.. we had fun bringing it out i can tell you...just the previous day someone was stabbed in the lift lucky i got out alive... the story always gets me a few extra beers in the pub...

so beware when you buy off ebay...

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Quick update-

Very good service from A&O, although I had the last cogs available in the UK for now. Parts should be with me tomorrow (ie next day)

Photoservices got back to me promptly, but I sense they don't do small parts. They recondition large items on an exchange basis. Worth knowing though.

So come on, there must be other parts suppliers- anyone dealt with CMS ?

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came across these guys not tried them yet they are based in poland but the spare parts look very reasonable for price plus you get a lot of bang for your buck with the exchange rate on that funny polish money check out their site very extensive catalogue, they even have photos of the smallest of small parts


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