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Noritsu Service Manuals


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While Surfing on net, I just found a webpage offering for the Service manuals for minilabs. It may helpful to all of us.


While YOU were surfing the net you FOUND the site ??  Thanks Narinder Kalia.

Funny thing is... the OWNER of the website you found seems to have YOUR email address....

Please don't TRY to be helpful when you're just pushing your stuff.

You've been getting this stuff for FREE from many other HELPFUL people from this forum, and the other forum, and you're being disingenuous to ALL OF US by doing this CRAP.


Here's the WHOIS information from the hosting provider:

Name: Narinder Kalia

Company: The Spectrum

Address: 310-3170 Kirwin Ave.

City: Mississauga

State: Ontario

Country: CA

Zip: L5A 3R1

Tel No: 905 5073294

email: spectrumcolors@rogers.com

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WOW........It is good to know that I am the owner of the website. Great News.......

dear Big Dave...By the way the stuff was not got Free from any memebr in this forum , instead I helped thousands of people who own minilabs just for FREE.

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I know, but to pretend that you found the web site is different from saying that you OWN the website.

Yustas had all that same stuff on his website for free !

Don't pretend and say it was someone else's when it's actually YOU trying to sell stuff.  

By pretending it makes you look dishonest, and honesty and sharing is what we should ALL be about.

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Hi Big Dave,

We suspended our free spreading of our information till we collect all Fuji Frontiers manuals.

So our manuals are not for free download right now (to be honest). Just for exchange.

We offered it for 1 month and asked people to share their possession to us but noone repled with offer to share except Aman from Algeria and Mohamed Hilaly.

If you have any Frontiers manuals- let me know and I can give you any info I have.

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Big Dave, you echo my sentiments exactly.  On many occasions (as we all have), gone to the trouble of  zipping a software package  or service file and uploading to FTP on MinilabHelp as a freebie, only to find it appears  as an on-sell somewhere else. One of my  experiences was with EZ Controller Software which I snail-mailed to a member of this forum and "whalla" it suddenly pops up with a $$$$value attached to it. Pi#s#ed me right off!!!

We all like to make a quick buck, easy dollars for little effort but this practice is counterproductive to the intents of the forum and does little to engender a culture of "esprit de corps", as you say dishonest and deceptive. The Forum makes sweet F/A as it stands and can well do without the antics of those intent on abusing the  good will of others.........

My 5-cents worth.

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Dear coleges,

I need to clarify  my position on this topic:

If  I bought a software (yes, sometimes I buy it  :)) - I sell it untill I return all my invested funds.

After that I begin to change it into other software I need.

At the same time I can share it if I like the person who politely ask me about it and know him (even in web activity).

I never give it for free when someone ask (for example):

"Hi pal,

Urgently give me xxxxxx software.

I need it.


Yes sometimes I receive very unpolite inquires as if I owe someone....

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Hi guys,

We have an older Noritsu, and I've only owned the business for less than 3 years.  If it wasn't for the help and assistance from ALL of you, our store would be like all those closing right now.  The technical knowledge, willingness to help and willingness to share "stuff" of the users here is truly amazing.  

When I first started I had no idea how to do basic maintenance let alone mix up a fresh batch of chemistry.  Without having manuals, we fumbled along until I found this site, and used to pay a "tech" who knew little more than I.  Chemicals were out of control every week, pump outputs were WAY off, bad poppet valves, clogged pipes/pumps, paper jams, clogged fans... it was just crazy.  After a lot of research on this forum and reading the new found machine manuals, things are now very good with our machine.  We've upgraded our CPU, fans & filters are clean, chemistry is in control, our blacks are black, etc... it's running great!  ... we have a little algae issue in our 2nd stabilizer right now, but it's being taken care of, because of good people like you.  Now that the machine is good, I can CONCENTRATE on the BUSINESS.

Special Thanks goes out to Neil for hosting this site and Dave S, and all others contributors, for their vast knowledge of my Noritsu and all the other lab related knowledge you guys & gals bring to this forum.  I can't say thank you enough.  

AND send Neil a couple of bucks... because... What goes around comes around....

And quit telling people to "@#$! RTFM"... they may not have it.  I know I didn't.

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Becoming an interesting thread.... We may need to re title it and move into the general area.

The ethos of Mini Lab Help.com is for lab owners, both old and new to help each other, share information. But to not profit (in excess) when someone is in need of help. If I find any user here exploiting users, be that by getting help/files/books etc for free, and then trying to make a quick buck and selling them, accounts will be closed.

Any user that has a commercial interest is more than welcome here, but direct and blatant advertising will be dealt with. We have a free "Classified" section where users can place adverts for free.

I spend a considerable amount of time on the site, checking threads and post, getting news and updates and everything else, and at no charge to anyone. And then to find people exploiting others really pisses me right off.

So do let me know if anyone is trying to rip members off  

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How things are travelling into this slope way , I for myself say that this site was a good shoulder to lean on especially when one considers the fast technology and lack of support (or a costly one) when refereing to the equipment suppliers/reps. and the competitive market. Experience & Ideas shared here on this site has been costly for those experiencing it while still they share it with others for FREE! in my opinion such experience when compared to manuals is invaluable.and selling what others is giving for free is disrespect to the person who is helping you.THATS NOT FAIR!

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