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Mitsubishi DPS Click 5000


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Mitsubishi DPS Click 5000:

I´m thinking to buy that machine and leave one of my two wetlabs. Is the thermal print good enough for studio prints (matte, not gloss).?

I´m fed up with all the dirty rollers and chemicals, can i make pro-prints with that and do cheap prints to customers with DKS 1510..?

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I have a Copal dye sub printer. It was OK when I first got it, but now its total rubbish. I never use it any more, a total waste of money. That printer put me right off dye sub printers, although the prints from the Sony printers do look alright, I much prefer silver halide.

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Didn´t know that Hiti makes that kind of product!

I have one cheap Hiti dye printer for stickers, good market value..!

Mitsubishi has "restoration" with clone stamp tool, it´s good and fast for print to print making..!

i´m waiting my matte test prints and trying to get dks 750 to go somewhere..

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