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Fuji too. Showing dry and kiosks, and their new 3d at retail photo printer.

I expect to see all the brands. I agree it is an essential annual visit, but beware it does allow consumers too, so expect the full geek squad, and avoid Sunday if you can.

Ideally make appointments with anyone you seriously want to see so you don't fight the free bag/pen posse!


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Hit the nail on the head there Phil,  over the years it seems more and more of the free pen posse do visit, hey it's a free world but I do find it wastes a lot of time for the exhibitors and limits our time with them too.  

There is more and more each year geared towards the photographer, nothing wrong with that either as i'm sue many of us are also involved but god when the aisles fill up with those who enjoy toting several cameras around their necks ! "LOOK AT ME"! Type of thing I do get a bit frustrated.

Ooops! sorry folks still worth a look !!

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Personalised products is my new best friend, and the one thing that stood out fir me at Pma was personAlised phone skins.

Pre cut templated sticker vinyl sheets that wrap popular phones.

Acompany iapeel was selling retail diy phone print skin packs Inc layout software, but I think it is way too good to let people do at home. I intend to add as an instant service with photos etc.

Problem is just how many different models of equipement there are, could end up even mire stock burdening that selling inkjet cartridges....... So am gonna start with iPhone and iPod nano.

Gifting is stratosphering into big boys and hobbyists that buy and sell c**p on eBay.

If you ever want to get big, buy the absolute best at the beginning or you will hate every job that ever comes in, and so will your staff!

Pma 2010 more about consolidation than NEW

best stuff in the ideas, listen to the podcast of "trinkets and trash" for insight into gifting.

For more, buy anyone you see in shorts on Sunday a pint, and hear more!


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Whats on my list this weekend; Inkjet Minilabs - will be checking out the Fuji and Noritsu's, more photo gifts we can make in the shop, perhaps kiosks and maybe check out the developments in large format (have heard lots about the HP latex printers) Not buying just yet but could be tempted......

I like the personalised products idea - it's been one of our star performers last year so anything new and exciting will get my attention.

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