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Softbox for passports?


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I just read an article on DIY photobooths. In it, the author mentioned he used a softbox overhead to get around the synching issues and to light the subject - due to limited space. Our passport area faces the same problems and I wondered if any of the more photography orientated forum members could suggest whether this could help us get around the shadows and overall lighting challenges with passports?

BTW we use an Olympus DSLR for our pictures - currently running the on-camera flash only. No space for backlights but potential above for softbox or similar.

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hey kiosk guy..

we have similar problems tonyou.. but we didnt go for a softbox..

what we did was.,.. we put a flash straight up against a wall(down the bottom), and pulled a white cloth over the wall...

the flash has a sensor attached to it, and it shoots when it detects our compact's flash when it goes off.

not the best way, but it works fine..

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I'm now using a large softbox (1mx1m) with a slave flash at the back as well. This works very well, no red eye, no reflections in glasses, perfect every time!

You could probably get away with just a softbox though, there is very little shadow created. I will post a picture of the setup and a sample when I get time.

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