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Pma 2010 buzz


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Am in Anaheim for the annual Pma conference, and there is a fantastic buzz!

Traders from around the world are really excited again by our industry, and the main topic seems to be around the opportunities for photogifts, maybe better renamed 'treasures' ?

One presenter now offers over 1000 choices of that else you can do with clients pictures....

Talk is that this market is still in it's infancy, isn't price sensitive, and recreates the emotion which digital seems to have destroyed.

I will post more comments and links


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Anaheim has really filled up. Thursday my hotel was deserted, now I have to que to use the lift!

The quality of the educational seminars is generally excellent, and I will post my recommendations when I get home; the good news is that they are available to download as podcast to listen if you can be bothered.

Met, and re-met many inspiring people, and even earned TWO candybars from Bill McCurry!

Trade show starts tomorrow, but if I see anything really cool, am gonna keep it to myself.....

You really have to be here, and if not, design your life so you are NEXT year!

Fuller report later, and if you see me at PMA, mine's a Corona!


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I'd agree with Phil. The show this year is great, and well worth the trip from Oz.

Had an almost life changing session this morning from Noritsu on color management. WOW BLOODY WOW!!!!!

Will be at their stand looking at EZY CONTROLER tomorrow to see just how good it really is.

Check out kodak.com for press releases from today and yesterday - new software and other goodies.

I'm on Heinekin, and then Corona, and then millers and then Bud (Yuk!)

As Phil said, you have to be here to really appreciate just what is here.

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Rain has been forcast every day for Anaheim, and so far, just sunshine!

Education sessions have been my highlights, and then the crack when you chat with Some one new and get an exciting new perspective, and all over good food and few beers.

No-one knows where the technology is taking us, but we are going there bloody fast!

Hot pick tomorrow will be on Pma website, will post URL to share.

Tequela ?


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Spent an hour on the noritsu stand today, and we are buying the Ezy Controller software. It is nothing short of awesome.

Effectively gives you another lab for less than $5000.

Color management, file names kept the same as original, reading raw files, 16 bit tiff output, and the list just goes on and on and on and..........

Going to Kodak tomorrow.

Phil, what was that drink I saw in your had at the House of Blues tonite?  I enjoyed several Newcastle Browns (real beer) which leave the US beers for dead

And please, if anyone wants to sell me pirated copies of the Noritsu software, don't even think of contacting me!

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